Sturt Jasher Photography

Cancer: January 10th, 2020 6PM

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Never too early to get on board with something good - there's a reason for the advanced notice which shall become apparent in time. Tell/share/invite all friends and all reasonably likeable enemies... just a bit over a year to go now. Commit to it. Be there.

November, 2018 Update: Thanks to everybody who's been following along so far!
Officially just uploading the final remaining image to complete the set which is rather exciting. This is not necessarily the final assortment of images that will be displayed in the exhibition, especially if we come across some more magic over the next year or so.
I'm also excited to say that we are working on turning this thing into something bit bigger than just an exhibition. I'd like to see this become a recurring event that encompasses art, music, food, and culture and celebrating the work of local vendors... but more to come on that soon. Until then, enjoy!

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This exhibit will be displaying photography featuring 12 photos of Earth's very own moon, running for approximately 2 weeks with opening at an outdoors venue under the rising moon. The next occurrence of a full moon in Cancer is 10th of Jan, 2020 rising just after 7PM - hence, the date and time of the opening night.

Keep an eye on this space and the Facebook SJPhoto Page for updates on the progress of this event.

Large, framed prints will be available for pre-sale in the time leading up to this event.

Venue: Still to be arranged, but closing in on a couple of beautiful spots. Hoping to have locked this in by Jan, 2019!! More details to come. Watch. This. Space.

Past Exhibitions

Fidel's Cafe

October, 2011
Fremantle, WA


March, 2014
York, WA